These are a series of 2048*2048 smudge, fingerprint, dust and grime maps that are scanned from real surfaces. Inverted maps are also included for ease of use in any render engine.

They are free to use for any project, commerical or otherwise. Credit is optional, but I do love to see what people use these for. So if you use them, please feel free to drop me a link.


Ideas for uses:


  • Glossiness maps, to add realistic surface imperfections to reflective surfaces
  • Bump maps, for something more organic and natural than simple noise
  • Overlay on glare and and lens flares to simulate a dirty lens
  • Extra detail on windows, monitors, mirrors and similar surfaces
  • Use as masks and overlays when building textures to add a little variation



My method for creating these was simply to scan various reflective surfaces (including my iPad and a couple of old CD covers) in an ordinary office scanner.

What can I say, I was curious and it was a slow work day.


Feel free to get in touch for any reason. You can find me on Vimeo and Twitter, or you can send me an email using the form below. I love to chat, so don't hesitate if you have any questions that you think I can help with.